About WhoHunt.io

Discover & Follow Top Startup Influencers

Inspired by the Product Hunt leaderboard, I thought it would be cool to mashup the Product Hunt makers and hunters with their matching stats on AngelList and Twitter.

The result is "Who Hunt", a people discovery mechanism for startup enthusiasts. Who Hunt enables you to leverage some interesting data about top growth influencers. Each Who Hunt profile is a quick, readable snapshot that will enable you to easily discover relevant startups and the people behind them. It's the list of people behind the best startups. Did you know that the majority of Product Hunt users are also AngelList users? It makes sense since they're the same people interested in startups __ founders, investors, entrepreneurs, developers and tech enthusiasts.

  • See how Product Hunters relate to makers & teams
  • Target, monitor & engage relevant influencers
  • Find people by bio, role, skill or location
  • Find Product Hunters that are also on AngelList
  • Track Product Hunt, Twitter and AngelList activity on one place
  • Promote your own Product Hunt and AngelList profile
How To Get Listed

The WhoHunt people list is compiled using data from the Product Hunt, AngelList and Twitter API's. There are several factors that determine whether or not a person will be added based on popularity and recent activity. Currently, to be listed, you must have profiles on Product Hunt, AngelList and Twitter. To nominate yourself, or someone else, suggest people here.

How Ranking Works

People are ranked by their follower counts and activity on Product Hunt, AngelList and Twitter. Twitter followers are weighted less. Other factors like engagement levels, relevancy, products hunted, made and votes are mixed into the rank. Additionally, there are factors that reduce rank points such as inactivity, excessive voting. Who Hunt rank is updated on a daily basis.